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Cornwall and Brittany Holidays


If you love the rugged coastline, impressive sandy beaches and unique spirit of Cornwall, then you are also likely to enjoy the delights of Brittany. Whilst separated by the English Channel, Cornwall and Brittany have far more in common with each other than they do with other regions of their own countries.Like Cornwall, Brittany was built on fishing and the region still retains strong connections with the sea. Fresh fish is still caught daily, but the draw of Atlantic waves now brings many surfing enthusiasts to the coast in search of the perfect wave. The appeal of extensive beaches, hidden coves, historic pirate adventures, a strong community spirit and a celebrated history draw many tourists which provide a good income for both Cornwall and Brittany.Both regions are proud of the Celtic roots and have battled to retain independence from their nations. Traditional dance, music, languages and costume are still shared at cultural festivals throughout the year under Brittany’s and Cornwall’s black and white flags. In recent years there have been increasing collaborations between the musicians, dancers and leaders on either side of the channel.Heading to Brittany So if Cornwall is an appealing holiday destination, you may want to consider a trip to Brittany. Reaching Brittany is possible with a number of ferry crossings including Plymouth to Roscoff and Portsmouth to Cherbourg and a few hours in the car.The roads in France are generally less crowded than those on route to Cornwall, particularly in high season. Although you are covering more miles, you are likely to avoid traffic jams and tail backs which may reduce the difference in your journey time.The cost of the journey will be higher, but booking your crossing in advance will provide the best deals.The cost is usually off set by the charges for accommodation. In Brittany there is a greater selection of campsites, rental properties and hotels and the comparative cost is usually cheaper than in Cornwall.Benefits of Brittany Holidays Being a little further south, Brittany typically enjoys temperatures a few degrees higher than Cornwall. The region is easier to explore on bikes, as there are more safe cycling routes and less inclines. Many of the campsites like Carisma’s Brittany campsite La Foret have their own swimming pool, waterslides and other facilities on site, so it is easier to keep everyone entertained.If you are ready to develop your language skills and prepared to swap a Cornish Pasty for Breton Crepe, then Brittany could make for a fantastic holiday destination.

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