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A Change of Scenery in Vendee  26/06/2015

Whilst on Vendee holiday, most people fill their time enjoying the local beaches, onsite pool complexes, local markets and cafes. Whilst these can certainly make for an ideal holiday experience, sometimes you simply want to venture off for a change of scenery.In Vendee, there are plenty of options for a day away from the coast. Just a short drive inland can lead to one of the region’s towns such as Lucon or La Roche-Sur-Yon, or a slightly longer drive can take you to either the city of Nantes, in the north or La Rochelle in the south. There are also a number of theme parks and other attractions, which can offer fun filled adventure. However, for something quite unique, you may enjoy a trip to Marais Poitevan.

Marais Poitevin

Marais Poitevin is a vast regional park that can instantly transport you into the past. This area in the south of Vendee is criss-crossed by a network of manmade canals, which were created by monks over 800 years ago in order to prevent the land from flooding. The marsh lands have been used for the cultivation of salt and mussel farms, as well as providing pasture for grazing livestock. The protected marshlands have also become a haven for wildlife, particularly migrating birds.Marais Poitevin is a delight to wildlife enthusiasts as it includes a variety of habitats, which hold appeal for a wide range of species. Bird watchers can be especially impressed by more than 100 types of nesting birds, along with many breeds of migrating birds that use the marshes as a safe resting point. The waterways are home to many different species of fish and the damp environment is enjoyed by many species including otters, amphibians and snakes. Getting AroundIf you are looking for a place to escape the busy beaches and holiday resorts, a day in Marais Poitevin can be ideal. A boat trip on a traditional flat bottomed barque is the best way to experience this tranquil landscape, which has been given the name of ‘Green Venice’. Gliding under a shady canopy of trees on the emerald green waters is a pleasantly peaceful experience.There are a number of villages in which boats embark on trips through the waters. These include Arcais, which also boasts a 19th century chateau, Coulon, the largest village in the area, Maillezais, home to the 11th century Abbaye de Nieul-sur-I’Autise and Damvik. If you are looking for an opportunity to get away from it all, then a trip to one of these villages can be the start of your escape into nature.

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