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Being Happy  07/10/2015

Studies have shown that when we feel happy it can have many benefits on our health and well-being. When we feel happy we are generally more relaxed, less stressed and better able to deal with various situations that we’re presented with. We take things in our stride, we feel motivated to take on new challenges and we are more likely to make the most of every moment. When we are happy we tend to appreciate details and simple pleasures that might otherwise go unnoticed. We are more open to compliments and more willing to smile and give positive feedback to others. This helps us to feel increasingly happy and also makes our happiness infectious.Research would suggest that positive connectivity with others is one of the most significant ways to improve our happiness. Time spent with friends and family, activities undertaken with people that share our passions and being part of group experiences, all boost our mood and make us happy.The issue is that finding time for friends and family can be challenge. The demands of work and the daily routine can keep us apart from those people that make us feel good. According to a Business Insider study, the biggest regret people had was not spending more time with the people they love. It may seem easy to find time for others that we enjoy being around, but we all know of people we would love to see more of.

Happy Holidays

This is one of the reasons that a holiday with family or friends is something that many of us look forward to for months in advance. A holiday provides the opportunity to switch off the alarm clock, down tools and enjoy quality time together. When shared with the most important people in your life, a holiday can provide many happy memories.Just feeling the warm sun on our backs and breathing in the fresh sea air can help us to let go of tension and stresses. With the chance to explore a new region we can find events and attractions that appeal to our tastes, so we get to do more of the things we enjoy. There is also the option to try something new, whether it’s a food or an activity and stepping out of your comfort zone can often be fun.Whether you are looking for relaxed meals and chats with friends whilst watching the sun go down, or plenty of activities for you to experience with your children, a French camping holiday can be ideal. Carisma provides well equipped mobile homes on beachside campsites. All sites offer a swimming pool complex and many other facilities for guests to enjoy.Make sure you have no regrets: find the time to share the company of friends and family on a Carisma holiday in France: //  

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