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Campsites with Swimming Pools  24/03/2015

Every one of the Carisma campsites has a swimming pool, which can provide hours of free entertainment for you and your family. Once on site, you can familiarise yourself with the opening hours and any specific rules. Loungers are typically provided around the pool, so this can be a relaxing place to read a book and catch some rays before cooling off in the water.

Swimwear Alert

French swimming pools have strict policies on appropriate swimwear for men; fitted trunks are acceptable, but long, loose swim shorts aren’t. These rules apply in the majority of French campsite pools too although some are a little more lenient. It can be quite a culture shock for British men, who generally aren’t so keen on getting into a pair of speedos. It is advisable to buy and pack some fitted trunks before you arrive, so you don’t miss out on fun in the pool. It might also be time to introduce a few toning activities into your daily routine, so you feel confident at the poolside!

Learning to Swim

If you have children that are learning to swim, a holiday on a campsite with a pool can be the ideal time to really help them get the hang of the basics. It can be worth researching tips on teaching children to swim before your holiday begins. You may also want to pack floats and other swimming aids that you can use to help them to learn. With some daily practice thrown into a fun splash around, they can make great progress during your holiday.


At most French campsite pools, you take your shoes off at the entrance and then walk through a foot bath into the pool area. If your family are likely to spend a lot of time by the pool, flip flops, crocs or other shoes that easily slip on and off can be an advantage.Towels usually dry off quickly in the sun, but you may want to pack some spares, so no one has to use a soggy one. Many French campsites have tumble driers, which can be useful if you have damp costumes and towels when you’re packing up to head home.Water resistant sun cream can save a lot of time reapplying protection after every dunk in the pool. Noses, cheeks and shoulders are particularly prone to burning if you are splashing around in a pool for hours, so make sure you avoid the pain of red bits.French campsites with swimming pools are desirable holiday destinations and with a little preparation, you can get the most out of the opportunity for a free daily dunk.

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