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Delightful Tastes - French Food Experiences  10/11/2014

As the winter months draw in, our taste buds seem to change. The fresh crispy salad, Mediterranean flavours and light desserts that we favoured in the summer no longer appeal. In place we take comfort in seasonal soups, spicy flavours and hot puddings. Fruit crumbles and rich stews may help us to face what the winter months have in store, but come the spring, we’ll all be dreaming of that first new potato, asparagus shoot and sweet strawberry.

French Food

The experience of being on holiday is enhanced if you try something new. No matter what form it may take, a new experience is memorable. Visiting new places, trying out an activity for the first time or letting your taste buds explore a new flavour all adds to the break from the norm, that are holiday should provide.Much of the delight of heading off on French holidays is the prospect of tasty delights. French food is world renowned for its quality and commitment to locally sourced ingredients. Whilst there are plenty of stylish restaurants where you can tuck into gourmet delights, the prospect of simple dishes can excite the taste buds.If your French holiday destination is by the coast, it’s a delight to order a bowl of freshly caught and lightly seasoned muscles or oysters for lunch. You aren’t going to find Cheddar on the cheese counter, but you will see hundreds of other cheese varieties to try with your French baguette. Why not try a locally reared meat in preference to sausages and burgers on the BBQ?

Don’t head straight for the Supermarket

At home it is usually quick and convenient to shop at our local supermarket, but when on holiday we aren’t restricted by the same time restraints. The campsite shop or local supermarket may be able to provide some of your daily essentials, but why not take time to enjoy the shopping experience at a local market or in the bakers, butchers and fishmongers in the local town? All French towns hold regular markets where fresh, seasonal produce is sold. These markets aren’t put on for the tourists; they are there year round and are well used by the locals. If you are staying on a French campsite or in other self-catering accommodation for your holiday next year, find out the days and times of the nearest market and see what fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as breads, meats, cheeses and other locally sources delights you can pick up.Be adventurous, get a true taste of France and maybe even try out a few phrases from your GCSE French lessons whilst you are there!

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