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Explore the charms of Biarritz  21/02/2014

The French town of Biarritz was once a popular holiday destination for socialites who were attracted to the region by the impressive chateux, as well as the impressive casinos.

For a period, however, the town's popularity as a holiday destination receded, as more and more holidaymakers instead made their way to Cote d'Azur.

But thankfully, in the last few years, the world has been reawakened to the beauty and all-round appeal of this top location and it is now a popular holiday destination among young people.

Indeed, there are few holiday destination in Europe or elsewhere, in fact, that can boast the same spectacular setting for a break.

This sense of glitz and glamour has been helped by the restoration of the casino, which is certainly worth visiting if you get the opportunity.

And this is complemented by the spectacular beach that you can find here, which becomes a rocky bay as you make your way round.

There is also a wide array of impressive stores where you can buy a range of items to remember your stay in the town by.

But there's much more to Biarritz than may be immediately apparent. For instance, if you're keen to source some delicious local cuisine, then you won't be disappointed by the great range of seafood you can find in one of the restaurants here.

This way, you can also get a flavor of Basque culture, which is quite distinct to those of France and Spain. This refers to the food and the lifestyle more generally, and so if you've never been to Basque country before, this is one opportunity that you cannot pass up.

There really is so much to see and do in the region that there's no danger that you will be bored on your trip - and Camping Le Vieux Port is a great place to stay while you're on your camping holiday.

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