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Explore the history of the Vendee  16/01/2014

The French region of the Vendee has been a popular holiday destination among locals since the 1800s and has also recently become a must-visit location among those from further afield.

Typically, holidaymakers head to this part of the world due to the impressive array of beaches that are to be found here.

However, there is so much more to the Vendee than the beautiful sandy beaches that the region is most famous for.

There is, for example, a rich history to this popular holiday destination and this is something that ought to be explored if you're on a camping holiday in France.

Interestingly, the region does not boast any real cities and the towns are not especially large - but don't be fooled into thinking that there aren't plenty of charming sights to see in the Vendee.

Life in the villages moves at a leisurely pace, which is ideal if you're simply keen to relax and unwind, thereby leaving the stresses of everyday life far behind you.

The locals are very welcoming to visitors, recognising that holidaymakers underpin the local economy and it is therefore in their interest to be hospitable hosts. And in this sense, you certainly won't be disappointed by the attitude of the locals.

Historically, though, the people of the Vendee have been forced to endure some troubled times. Indeed, there is a history of struggle and conflict that not many people know of.

The name Vendeen is, in fact, quoted by Karl Marx to mean counter revolutionary, while throughout the region you will find a number of sites that hark back to Neolithic times.

So if you are planning to head to the Vendee any time soon, make sure that while you enjoy the beach life on offer, that you also explore the fascinating history of this charming region.

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