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French Life  29/10/2014

France is an attractive holiday destination for people from around the world. One of the many attractions is the French lifestyle.
From sultry film stars to passionate artists, there is a curiosity about French people and how they live. The towns are full of stylish families that look amazing without appearing to have made much effort, alongside rugged faces that have a hard working honesty about them. It makes people watching from a French café an interesting pastime.

When we are considering France as a holiday destination it conjures up images of a relaxed formality. The pace of life is slower and more enjoyable, but standards are high. Beach side resorts are clean and well maintained, the rural countryside hasn’t been compromised and the cities hold a wealth of attractions.

Upholding Traditions

In addition to embracing the new, French culture has a rich and well celebrated history. Tradition is valued. Whilst much of the world has been channelled into 24/7 activity, it is rare to find a country that still closes on a Sunday and takes a month off in the summer. This weekly opportunity to switch off from the usual demands and enjoy family time is maybe one of the reasons that there is a relaxed feel about life in France.

Another reason is the tradition of lunch. Although there has been a move away from the two hour lunch, French meal times are generally a social affair. No quick bite on a sandwich whilst sat at a computer, lunch is a meal to be savoured. Outside of the cities, many people still return home for a full meal in the middle of the day, eating at a leisurely pace and giving the food time to go down before heading back to work.

The quality of the food is a reason to take time over a meal. Rich buttery sauces, crumbly pastries, fresh seafood, rich meats and seasonal vegetables are all common ingredients in French cuisine. Then there are the wealth of cheeses, wines and treats including crepes and macarons. That’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!

From boutique hotels to French campsites, there is a full range of quality accommodation for visitors to France. It may be our nearest neighbour, but by absorbing the slower pace of life and taking time to enjoy family meals you can soon feel like you are in another world.

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