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French Wildlife  07/08/2015

There have been unexpected inhabitants found in the Rambouillet Forest near to Paris. Following an in-depth study of the area, it has been revealed that over 100 wild wallabies have now made France their permanent home. It is believed that these Australasian animals are descendants of captive wallabies that escaped from Sauvage Zoological Park back in the 1970’s.
Although many local residents were aware that wallabies were occasionally spotted, no one realised how many creatures had set up home in the forest. As with most wild creatures, the wallabies tend to keep out of the way of humans, but it certainly would be a surprise to spot one hopping past when you were out on a bike ride or woodland walk.

Wallabies aren’t the only wild animals that you might spot on your holidays. In northern France, the wild life is similar to that found in the UK, however the further south you head, the more likely you are to see something more unusual. France has far more rural areas, woodlands and mountains and the warm southern climate is also attractive to many species.

French Woodlands

In the woodlands you may be fortunate enough to spot the white tail of a Roe Deer or huge antlers of a red deer as they disappear into the distance. Red Squirrels can also still be found in some French woodlands, along with the much prized Wild Boar, which is known as a Sanglier in France.

French Mountains

If you are heading up into the Alps in the East or the Pyrenees on the West Coast of France, you may spot some animals that are perfectly adapted to the steep slopes and high altitudes. These include the Chamois and Ibex goats and the Alpine Marmot, which hibernates through winter in deep burrows, but is sometimes spotted sunbathing on rocks in the warmer months.

Inland Waterways

There are rivers, lakes, canals and marshland areas in France. One of the most beautiful is Marais Poitevin in Vendee, which is also known as ‘Green Venice’. Along these inland waterways it may be possible to spot a range of wild bird species, both native and migratory. You may also see a beaver, known as a Ragondin or Coypu in some regions.

Atlantic Sea

The Bay of Biscay, which borders the west coast of France and the north coast of Spain, is a great place to spot species of whales and dolphins that live in the Atlantic Sea. Harbour porpoises, Common dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Fin whales and Long Finned Pilot Whales are amongst the many species that have been regularly seen swimming in this Atlantic bay.
If you are enjoying a Carisma holiday on our French West Coast campsites and love the opportunity to spot wildlife, why not take a boat trip on the Marais Poitevin or out into the Atlantic waters?

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