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Get a health kick in the new year with a cycling holiday  18/12/2013

Cycling has always been a popular pastime, but today there's never been a better time to holiday on two wheels. If you're planning a trip to France, make sure to fix a bike rack or cycle carrier to your car before setting off.

The country is famed for its picturesque rural countryside, which is marked by rolling hills, winding lanes and clement weather. Arguably, there's no better way to enjoy these sites and sounds, but there are plenty of other benefits as well.

Healthy holidays are happy holidays

Active holidays are becoming all the rage, as our free time becomes ever more precious and sedentary work lives encourage us to get out and about when we can. 

For those of us who struggle to find the discipline to exercise as much as we should, a holiday is a potential banana skin - representing a break from good habits; where we instead indulge all the bad ones instead - and it can be hard getting back into the swing of things afterwards.

A cycling or other active holiday bypasses these problems, allowing you to maintain a fitness regime at the same time as immersing yourself in new surroundings and having more than a little fun.

Making fitness fun

One of the biggest complaints people have about exercise is that it's boring, and it can take a week or so to get through that barrier or boredom at the start. 

Cycling while on holiday is a great introduction to a more physically active lifestyle though, as it'll make things much more interesting and give you something to think about when you substitute it for the exercise bike at the gym down the line.

A smaller footprint (or tyre tread)

Away from the myriad health benefits, another important aspect of cycling abroad for holidaymakers is that it is much more ecologically friendly than travelling everywhere by car. 

A camping holiday in a nearby country like France combined with cycling trips around the local sites and attractions will not only be kind on your wallet, but also on the environment as well.

If you're apprehensive about using up your summer holiday allowance on such a trip, why not sample it out first this spring at one of our great campsites at Brittany, Vendee, Bordeaux or Biarritz?

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