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Go on a family holiday to the Vendee  11/02/2014

For the ideal family holiday in France, you'd be well-advised taking a trip to the Vendee, a charming region that is popular with domestic holidaymakers and those from further afield.

There are a number of distinctive reasons as to why this region has been so highly thought of since first becoming popular with people from France in the 1800s.

In recent decades, meanwhile, it has also become a well-known destination among those from elsewhere in Europe. But why, specifically, is this the case?

Here, we're going to provide a guide to some of the main reasons as to why it is a top holiday resort.


The most striking feature of the Vendee is its impressive array of beautiful beaches, which stretch for mile after mile up the coastline.

Indeed, the beaches are the perfect destination to indulge in some of your favourite water sports, such as surfing. There have, in fact, been a number of professional events staged in this region, which goes to underline its status.

Alternatively, you may simply wish to relax and on the beaches of the Vendee - and they are perfect for this purpose too.


Further inland, meanwhile, you will come across the true beauty of the Vendee, which is as impressive as anything you're likely to have encountered before.

Take a camera with you and you'll be able to take lots of spectacular shots of the amazing wildlife found in this area of France.

As a quick tip, there are a number of cycling routes that allow you to see the best of this charming region.


The gorgeous coastline is also ideal if you wish to take a boat out to sea and enjoy many of the spectacular sights from the comfort of your vessel.

Again, take a camera with you and prepare to be impressed.

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