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Half Term Holidays  06/11/2015

As the October half term holiday arrives, many people will be heading off to warmer destinations in order to catch some sun before winter draws in. At this time of year, a long flight south is the only way to find a beach or city holiday where you can be comfortable in your t-shirt and shorts.

Whitsun Holiday

Next year, the Whitsun half term spans the first week of June. This means there is a good chance that good weather could be found a little closer to home. It might still be a little chilly for camping in your back garden, but a trip to our most southerly campsite in Biscarrosse  is almost certain to provide the warmth and sunshine that you desire.

Southern France

Bordeaux is the closest city to Biscarrosse and the city boasts 2,200 hours of sunshine per year. Data suggests that in this area the average daily temperature in the Whitsun holiday is between 19 and 22 degrees centigrade, with 24 degrees being possible on some days. Messanges is a little further south in Aquitaine so temperatures can rise a degree or two higher.These temperatures are ideal for family holidays, especially if you are travelling with younger children. The weather is warm enough for hours of outdoor play. They can be easily and affordably amused on the local beaches, as well as in the onsite swimming pools and play areas. Having said this the heat isn’t excessive, so you don’t have to be constantly topping them up with sun cream and cool drinks or keeping them in the shade.Remember that these regions are world renowned for wine production. In order to grow sweet, ripe grapes, a warm climate with plenty of sun is necessary. The conditions favoured by the vines are also desired by the majority of holiday makers.

Early Summer Breaks

Whether you are travelling in Whitsun or any other time in May and June, there are many benefits to an early summer break. For a start, the resorts aren’t so busy, as most French families flock to the west coast beaches from mid-July until the end of August. This leads to more space on the beaches, short queues at attractions and lower cost holidays.To further help with the cost of your holiday, Carisma offers a loyalty discount to customers that have booked with us previously. If you have enjoyed a holiday on any of our campsites in the past, we’d like to reward your loyalty.

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