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Living Life to the Full  18/02/2015

Mae West is quoted as saying ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’.

So, what is doing it right? For each person it will be something different, but it is finding the time, energy and finances to engage in the things that we really enjoy.

Some of us may be fortunate enough to love our work, the team we are part of, the challenges we take on and the results we achieve. However the majority of people aren’t going to reflect back on their lives and wish that they had spent more time at work. However, going to work should provide us with a degree of financial freedom that allows us to engage in our passions, our interests and our happiness.

Holiday Memories

When we think back to the happiest times of our lives, we are often reminded of holidays. A holiday provides us with the opportunity to step out of the usual routine and embrace something new. In stepping into a different environment, we can look at things with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm. Whilst on holiday we often see opportunities for change, to restore the balance in our lives and improve our well-being.

We also gain that most valuable of resources; time. Without the daily pressures of work home and family commitments, we have time to give something new a try, time to relax, time to explore, time to really enjoy the company of others and time to look at our lives objectively. We may find it easier to talk openly, to challenge ourselves, to accept change or to spend money on something a little more indulgent. All these factors help us to look back with fondness.

Holidays provide a wonderful opportunity for families to bond and friendships to be cemented. We are more open to noticing the sights and sounds all around us and appreciate nature, buildings and other details which can easily be over looked in a typical day. We often have our cameras at hand, so are seeking out things of beauty and interest, as well as capturing precious moments together.

Photos and our associated memories help a holiday experience to live on long after we have returned home. The heightened awareness of our environment, the shared experiences and the images all combine to reinforce the experience. Create more happy memories in 2015 with Carisma Holidays.

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