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Make the most of a holiday in Bordeaux  28/04/2014

If you're keen to enjoy a cultured vacation with your family, then you'd be well advised to consider heading to the beautiful, historic and dynamic city of Bordeaux, which ranks among the most popular tourist destinations in France. And if you speak to those holidaymakers who have been lucky enough to spend time in this delightful city, you'll quickly realise why it is such an attractive option for so many people across the continent.

The city is, of course, best known for its many wine vineyards and there's no escaping the reality that this forms a major part of its identity. Plenty of holidaymakers head here just to enjoy the great wine and food that is available at the many great restaurants dotted throughout the city. What's more, there is also the opportunity to tour the vineyards and learn a little more about how such high-quality wine is actually produced.

It is important to note, however, that there is much more to this city than food and drink. Bordeaux is home to 1.2 million people and is a truly charming holiday destination. Here, we're going to outline some of the best aspects of the city and give you some advice as to how you can make the most of your time here, regardless of how long you intend to stay.


It would, of course, be remiss to start a tour of Bordeaux without taking time to recognise the importance of the wine business to the local economy as well as to the culture. The area has actually been making wine since the 8th century and despite the emergence of many rivals in the subsequent centuries, Bordeaux is still recognised as being home to some of the best vineyards on the planet.

Indeed, it is the main industry, with the region being home to more than 117,000 hectares of vineyards, in addition to 57 appellations, 9,000 wine-producing châteaux and 13,000 grape growers. All of this combined means that the area is able to enjoy annual sales of over €14.5 billion.

Among the many famous vineyards located in this part of the world are Château Lafite Rothschild, a producer of some of the most expensive wines anywhere, as well as Château Mouton Rothschild, which is the latest vineyard to join the first growth club in the early 1970s.

Do you fancy learning a bit more about how wine is produced? Well, why not take advantage of the many opportunities to visit the vineyards of Bordeaux? Along the way, you will be afforded the chance to sample some of the produce and also learn what features distinguish a great wine from an ordinary one.


But if you're keen to enjoy a truly cultured experienced, then sampling wine will not be enough to keep you satisfied on your holiday in Bordeaux. For this reason, you may wish to take the chance to visit one or more of the many great museums that you will find in this impressive region.

There are plenty of great destination to choose from, but among the best of these is Cap Sciences, which is sure to provide plenty of entertainment for all the family. Other worthwhile alternatives include Musee d'Aquitaine and CAPC, theContemporary Museum of Art.

Restaurants and bars

Given the great range of wines on offer, it ought to come as no surprise to learn that the city is home to a great many bars and restaurants. If you're keen to enjoy a fantastic family day out, then there's nothing better than heading to a top restaurant and enjoying some scrummy food. And while you're there, you will also want to take advantage of the tasty wines on offer.

There are loads of top restaurants and bars to choose, meaning it is simply a question of selecting whichever one is most suited to you. This is especially enjoyable during the summer months, as you're free to sit outside and soak in the sunshine while you eat.

Meanwhile, there are other attractions that the city has to offer, including the chance to see the local football team in action. So, if you're keen to turn your vacation from a good one into a great one, this is a chance that you will not want to spurn.

This really is a top holiday destination and one that offers an incredibly wide array of activities and events.

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