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Must Try Food Delights of the Vendee  25/02/2020

The Vendee region has so much to offer, sandy beaches, warm micro climate, culture, history, fine wine; and the list goes on.  Food is one of the most ubiquitous things France offers.  We're going to delve deeper into the delicous delicacies you should experience during your Vendee holiday.

Seafood in the Vendee

Where else to start but with seafood.  The stunning west coastline has a plethora of fishing ports dating back centuries.  Daily catches supply fresh fish to restaurants in the Vendee, many of them close by to our La Dune des Sables campsite. 

One of the more popular specialities in the area are fish soup.  Another is Mouclade mussels (mussels in a cream and curry sauce).

You can sample freshly caught fish and shellfish at a reasonable price at a wide variety of eateries.   Meaning you can enjoy Mussels, sardines and oysters are available in an abundance.

Jambon de Vendee

Jambon de Vendee, has a Protected Geographical Indications, meaning only pork reared in farms in the area, similar to Champagne production, can carry the certification mark.  The unique flavour comes from a rub which is a combination of sea salt, spices (cinnamon, thyme, bay leaf) and brandy.  It is then pressed between two wooden boards and left to mature slowly of the next 3 months.  This helps it delevop it’s sweet, rich meaty flavours, a firm favourite of generations of Carisma Holidays customers. 

Finally after curing it can be eaten thinly, sliced or when cooked it is traditionally served with white haricot beans known as they are known locally as mogettes. 

Brioche Vendéenne

Who doesn’t love a brioche?  This brioche is different as it’s made as a large loaf with pleats called “barres” or bars.  It was originally served as a traditional Easter or wedding dessert.  The high sugar in the bread was initially linked for the need to eat sweet foods after winter depravation.  This staple is found in boulangers (bakeries) the length and breadth of the region.

Potatoes - How Much?

Potatoes don't quite have the same glamour as oysters but the “La Bonnotte” potato is actually the most expensive in the world.  This "King of Potatoes" is grown on the Ile de Noirmouter they have been known to sell for as much as €500 per kg.  Cultivation using seaweed results in a complex flavour with hints of lemon, earth and naturally the sea.  Taking just 90 days to grow, they have to be hand-picked because they are so delicate.  Such is the popularity it even has it's own website!

We at Carisma holidays provide luxury mobile home holidays on campsites with direct beach access.  So why not try one of our Vendee campsites which allow you to experience the best of both worlds.   In conclusion, relaxation and tranquility, all with direct beach access and authentic French culture are just a Carisma booking away.

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