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Toddler Friendly Holidays with Carisma  28/05/2014

Before children an ideal holiday may have involved exotic locations with guaranteed hot sunshine and a chance to relax and catch up on a year’s worth of reading. Alternatively you may have preferred packing a few basics in a ruck sack and heading off for worldwide exploration of cities, to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of other cultures.

When children arrive, the priorities for a holiday completely change. For a start, long haul flights to distant destinations completely lose their appeal when you are seeking toddler friendly holidays. Let’s face it, waiting around in airport queues, then sitting for hours on a plane is really boring and a bored child is a recipe for disaster. In addition, luggage restrictions can make it difficult to pack everything you need.

If you are driving to your destination, it can make the journey less of a challenge. With the addition of a roof box, your car can be packed up to include all the items that you use on a daily basis to make things simpler. From Bumbo seats to travel cots, pushchairs and even a supply of their favourite foods; it can make things easier with these items at your disposal. At a Carisma campsite, we can also help; speak to us about hiring some basics items for your stay.

In a car, the journey can be part of the adventure. You can make regular stops as needed, so your toddler can get out and run around and you can visit a few towns on route. You can then make up ground when they sleep. Driving to your holiday destination doesn’t restrict you to the UK. With ferry services and the Euro Tunnel, it is easy to head over to France and other European destinations. There are great options for staying with Carisma on campsites in Vendee or Brittany.

Whilst Brittany is generally a few degrees warmer than the UK, Vendee benefits from a micro-climate, which means it shares average sunshine hours with the Mediterranean.  Kitted out in shorts and t-shirts, a sun hat and a good dollop of sun cream, your toddler is ready to enjoy playing on the beach.

The next consideration is activities. Children will love spending time with you, making sand castles, collecting shells and paddling in the waves. On our campsites you will also find child friendly swimming pools, play areas and the chance to make new friends. We understand that if your toddler is happy and entertained, you will also be able to enjoy your holiday.

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