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Unique Holiday Experiences  12/05/2014

When you go on holiday, it is great when the sun is shining and you can simply sit and relax. It is also great when you can experience something new; a unique holiday experience that there isn’t the time or opportunity for at home.

It could be sitting outside and watching the sun set with an evening meal of freshly caught seafood and a locally produced wine. Bordeaux is world famous for producing high quality wine; with a history dating back over 1000 years, the region still produces around 44 million cases of wine a year. The West Atlantic weather conditions are ideal for vineyards and this area of France also retains thriving fishing ports where locals and tourists can buy fish and seafood that has just been caught.

It could be getting involved in a traditional festival or joining in with a local pass time. The Vendee region of France is well known for its quality oysters. You can find many quality restaurants that specialise in seafood along the coast of Vendee and let the chef serve you a delicious meal. Alternatively you can get in on the action at Le Passage du Gois!

Le Passage du Gois is a stretch of causeway that connects the mainland with the Ile de Noirmountier, an island to the north of Vendee. At low tide locals and tourists drive onto the sandy causeway. Some are simply enjoying a walk, but the majority are busy collecting the wealth of shellfish that get left behind by the tide. If you are confident about cleaning and cooking shellfish, it offers a delightfully fresh free meal.

If you do visit Le Passage du Gois, it is important that you take note of the tides and leave the beach in plenty of time. Low tide only last for a couple of hours and the sea quickly covers the causeway when it returns. This is also an extremely popular activity, so don’t go expecting to have the place to yourself. You may need to queue to get on and off the beach, but with some planning, this could be a very memorable holiday activity.

A camping holiday in Vendee gives you freedom to come and go as you please, so you can make the most of the unique experiences that are on offer. It is a tranquil region, full of natural delights and traditions that are waiting to be explored.

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