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Vendee locals open their arms to holidaymakers  07/01/2014

One of the most agreeable aspects to holidaying in the Vendee, in France, is that the local people are hugely welcoming to tourists, knowing that they represent a pillar of the local economy.

Consequently, unlike some other popular holiday destinations around Europe, you will encounter plenty of people who are happy to point you in the right direction, or give you some advice if necessary.

This may also be in part because the Vendee is not actually home to any real cities or even towns, meaning that there is a strong sense of community in many of the places you may visit.

These places are often charming in nature and well worth a visit if you've never before experienced life in France away from many of the major cities, such as Paris and Nice.

What's more, the locals have been raised on a history of conflict and so there is a strong feeling of identity among them, while there are also a number of historic sites that date back as far as Neolithic times.

This being the case, it is imperative that on visiting the Vendee you take the time to learn about the fascinating evolution of the region, which still houses buildings and sites that can be traced to the medieval and renaissance periods.

Thankfully, then, the local people will generally be happy to help you on your travels. Whether you wish to see and experience the canals and rivers or the beaches and sand dunes, you'll have plenty of chance to do this on your camping holiday in France.

The Vendee may not be the first holiday destination that springs to mind, but those who have been here before will testify to the fact that it is a charming region and one that is well worth visiting if you get the opportunity.

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