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Vineyards and Holidays in Vendee  05/08/2014

Whilst the Vendee region has stronger traditions in fishing, farming and salt harvesting, it is also an area where vineyards thrive. Vendee wines have been enjoyed by locals for centuries, but they are starting to gain wider acclaim, since achieving the AOC standard in recent years.

What are the ideal conditions for growing grapes?

In order to produce a good crop, Vineyards desire many of the same conditions that we are ideally looking for in a holiday destination. They grow best in free draining soil, which tends to be the rocky, sandy soils found in coastal regions.
Vineyards don’t like cold, damp weather conditions. In order to grow the best grapes, they need temperatures of around 16 degrees centigrade from early spring, rising to a minimum of 22-25 degrees in summer. They like warm evening and night time conditions and although they need occasional rain, the weather needs to be mostly dry.
Grapevines struggle to survive in extremes of weather, including winter frosts and hot summer droughts, but need a minimum of 150 annual days with cloud free sunshine in order to grow, flower and fruit. A long hot summer will produce grapes with a higher sugar content which results in a full bodied wine.
They favour gently sloping terrain, that hold in the heat and often create a micro climate and a gentle breeze that allows air to circulate around the vines to prevent attach from mildew and fungus.

Why do wine regions make good family holiday destinations?

People are often looking for the same ideal conditions as a grapevine. If you are looking for a holiday destination with warm sunny weather, sandy beaches and a gentle breeze then wine regions could hold the answer.
Carisma holidays offer a number of coastal campsites in the Vendee region. From Camping Sol-a-Gogo in the resort of St Hilaire de Reiz , to Les Conches, close to the resort of La Tranche Sur Mer you can experience the sunniest stretch of the French West Coast. Vendee boasts an average of 2,250 hours of sunlight every year, ideal for producing wine and attracting tourists.

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