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Worried about travelling to France after Brexit?  29/01/2020

The United Kingdom leave the European Union on Friday 31st January and with many people unsure on what that means for Brits travelling to France this summer, we want to try and clear things up.

Good News

The good news is that nothing will change in 2020 if you’re planning on holidaying in the EU.  You won’t need any visas just your valid passport. So you can book any of our stunning Carisma campsites, down the west coast of France.  Safe in the knowledge you can ignore that “what do I need to do” niggle in the back of your mind.

When the United Kingdom leave the Union.  We will enter a transition period which will last until the end of 2020.  An extension is possible but has been ruled out by the UK Government. After the transition period new rules and regulation will come into place in 2021, after negotiation throughout 2020.

Planning on Driving aboard?

Again, no changes will come in until after the transition period so you’re free to do so without any added hassle.

Further, more detailed, information can be found on the BBC Website “Brexit: How will it affect my holidays to Europe”.

So if you’re planning on holidaying with Carisma Holidays this year.  You can stay in one of our Deluxe 3 Bedroom Mobile Homes with Decking you can rest assured that there will be no nasty surprises.

The Return of Duty Free

The good old days of duty free shopping within the European Union ended in 1999.  Unfortunately, duty free won't be returning this summer.  It will be discussed by the UK / EU and our position will be decided over the coming months to see what the government wish to do.  But fingers crossed we could see a return to duty free bargains in 2021.

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